DeVilbiss Blue Standard Plus

Capable of detecting a wide variety of patient events, the DeVilbiss Blue StandardPlus, a fixed pressure CPAP, is equipped with SmartFlex expiratory relief and Flow Rounding® features. SmartCode Rx for remote prescription changes and SmartCode compliance encoding Includes SlimFit 15 mm tubing and equipped with MaskFit check Easy-to-follow menu, adjustable display brightness and optional clock and alarm clock settings Airline transport approved

DeVilbiss Blue Auto Plus

The DeVilbiss Blue AutoPlus detects, reports and differentiates between hypopneas, obstructive apneas, snoring, expiratory puffs, leaks, flow limitations, RERAs, central apneas and periodic breathing. Detects more events and responds with a new level of accuracy SmartFlex can be disabled, enabled or used during ramp-time only

DeVilbiss Blue Heated Humidifier

Humidifier for DeVilbiss Blue Unit

SleepCube StandardPlus

With the addition of SmartFlex, an expiratory relief function, the SleepCube StandardPlus helps to lower the average pressure througout the night for increased user comfort. Additional Flow Rounding feature enables a smooth transition from inspiratory to expiratory pressure Integrated event detection feature enables the detection of nightly events such as apnea, hypopneas and snoring

SleepCube AutoPlus

The SleepCube AutoPlus delivers the most effective sleep therapy by using a unique auto-adjusting algorithm that responds to apnea, hypopnea and snoring. Equipped with SmartFlex expiratory relief and Flow Rounding comfort features

SleepCube AutoBiLevel

With an auto-adjusting algorithm that constantly monitors for apneas and events, the SleepCube AutoBilevel adds an extra level of comfort for those who require higher pressures. Automatically adjusts to deliver optimal therapy during sleep upon detection of Bilevel pressures

SleepCube BiLevel ST

The SleepCube Bilevel ST is designed to enhance the breathing of patients with spotanteous respiration. Rather than breathing for the patient, it supports those who suffer from chronic respiratory failure, breathing difficulities or OSA. Integrated, real-time event detection feature shows actual pressure, leak rate and patient breathing parameters Ten customizable trigger settings for inspiration and expiration

J200 Nasal Pillow Mask

The J200 Nasal Pillow Mask offers patients an alternative solution to the conventional CPAP interface. It’s small, non- intrusive design minimizes facial contact for optimum comfort. Ideal for patients wearing spectacles during therapy, the mask also offers the patient a larger field of view. Discreet and comfortable by design Three pillow sizes 360° rotating elbow for preferred sleeping position Simple ergonomic one-piece design Reduced leaking, eliminating skin and eye irritation Comfortable headgear including over-head tube positioning User friendly, easy to assemble/disassemble for daily cleaning

J300 Nasal Mask

Because of its simple design, the lightweight J300 Nasal Mask is perfectly suited for those new to the CPAP therapy. At the same time, experienced CPAP users looking for a solid and reliable nasal mask will value the advantages of the J300. To avoid possible pressure points, the J300 was developed without a front pad. Four-component mask enables easy handling and cleaning Soft silicon cushion for less leakage Contactless separator to the forehead Comfortable headband can be changed and adjusted easily

D100N Nasal Mask

The D100N mask is cost-effective, flexible and easy to maintain. With three sizes of forehead pads and silicone cushions, it is extremely easy to fit the mask and achieve a comfortable seal. Fully adjustable headgear 360-degree swivel for optimal tubing positioning Latex-free

D150F Full Face Mask

Featuring adjustable forehead support and headgear, this mask suits different facial profiles while providing optimal comfort. Silicone cushions available in three different sizes: S, M and L 360-degree swivel for optimal tubing positioning Latex-free

SmartLink 3.0 Software

The SmartLink software from DeVilbiss Healthcare is a comprehensive therapy management system for monitoring and recording CPAP usage and evaluating the effectiveness of CPAP therapy.