About Us

Bakoni Medical Suppliers

Bakoni Medical Suppliers was formed in 2012 bringing together a team with decades of experience in the medical equipment and supplies industry. The company was born out of Channels Medical Solutions, a company that has been in existence since 2003. Bakoni Medical suppliers was created to focus on institutional business which was hitherto not addresed by Channels. It is also a service organization dealing directly with patients.

We supply, install and maintain medical  products covering neurodiagnostics, neuro monitoring, home and highcare ventilation, patient monitoring, cardiology, and patient care.
We represent a number of global  Manufacturers with a basket of products that are either unique in their offering or rank amongst the best in the worldwide market.

Our understanding of our customers business objectives also ensure that we make meaningful contributions during the planning and design/specification of healthcare services taking into consideration cost of ownership and cost-effectiveness in service delivery  not only by looking at the price tag of individual items, but by ensuring that environmental, operational, regulatory, skill levels, economic and specific clinical requirements are integrated during planning and design/specification.

The customer-centric focus enables and ensures a truly positive customer experience; from initial planning and budgeting to implementation and operation. An important aspect of end-to-end service lies in maintenance and support which is an aspect we excel in, as we are acutely aware of the importance of up-time and utilisation.


Bakoni Surgicals

Bakoni Surgicals is a subsidiary of Bakoni Medical Suppliers, a medical equipment business which started its operations in 2012. Bakoni Surgicals (Pty) Ltd took over the manufacturing business of D.Med Healthcare (Pty) Ltd in Johannesburg in 2018.   The core business includes the assembly, packaging and sterilisation of Surgical Medical kits. The sterile packs include procedure packs used in theatre, wound care, medical and surgical wards.

Our customer range includes private and public hospitals, Individual doctors, Veterinary clinics and renal dialysis centres. Our manufacturing facility is approved by SAPHRA (Medicines control council).